Here is a list of some of the courses I’ve had the opportunity to teach at the graduate and undergraduate level.


Graduate Courses

ENG 846: Research Design and the Craft of Writing (IUP, New Course Design). Advanced seminar in research design where students design research topics suitable for publication and understand the opportunities, constraints, and contexts of professional academic writers.

*New course design for the Composition and TESOL Doctoral program.

ENG 867: Research in Writing Programs and Writing Centers (IUP). Examines the history, theory, and everyday practices that surround writing centers and writing programs, including advances in writing across the curriculum and writing in the disciplines.

ENG 830: Teaching Writing (IUP). Studies characteristics of the writing process and of the basic writer, methods for the evaluation of writing, and approaches to the teaching of writing.

ENG 649: Introduction to Research for Applied Linguistics and TESOL (IUP). Explores the basic concepts and methods of conducting and reading research in applied linguistics and TESOL.

ENGL 515: Mentor Group for New Teachers (Purdue). Served as a technology mentor for two semesters for eight sections of teachers in the Introductory Composition Program at Purdue.


Undergraduate Courses

WRT 360: Global Rhetorics (Oakland, New Course Design). Interdisciplinary course tracing the contemporary and historical uses of rhetoric and written communication in non-Western cultures.

WRT 370: Special Topics: Grantwriting (Oakland, New Course Design). Service learning course where students learn grantwriting through pairing with a community partner to write a full grant including an application narrative, budget, and supporting documents.

WRT 370: Special Topics: Research Methods in Writing and Rhetoric (Oakland, New Course Design). Students learn to read, evaluate, and conduct empirical research studies in literacy.

LBS200: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Research Methods in Liberal Studies (Oakland, New Course Design). Prepares students for interdisciplinary study through drawing upon methods of inquiry within the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and fine arts. Course theme: Globalization and Sustainability (2012); Feeding the world (2014).

WRT320: Peer Tutoring in Composition (Oakland). Provides students with a strong foundation in peer tutoring strategies, theories, pedagogies, and an introduction to writing center work.

Note: Five sections (Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Winter 2015) taught on-location at the Baldwin Center in Pontiac, Michigan; service learning for minority and low-income children.

WRT394: Literacy, Technology, Civic Engagement (Oakland). Explores and application of technology in the discipline of Writing and Rhetoric.

WRT 497: Apprentice College Teaching (Oakland). Allows advanced undergraduate students to serve as a teaching assistant for a writing course.

LIN 344: Language Acquisition and Literacy Development and Language Acquisition (SUNY Stony Brook). Examines language acquisition, written and spoken language development, reading development, and literacy instruction for content-area courses.


First-Year Writing Courses

ENG 100: Basic Writing (IUP). Developmental writing course for incoming students.

WRT 160: Composition II (Oakland). Emphasizes research and rhetorical techniques, effective documentation strategies, genre awareness, and writing process.

WRT 150: Composition II, Connections Section: Social Sciences (Oakland). Emphasizing research writing and rhetorical techniques for Social Science majors.

ENGL 106-L: First Year Composition, Learning Community for Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) students (Purdue). Course was part of Purdue’s Learning Community program and was linked with a web design course for first-year CGT students.

ENGL 108: Accelerated First-Year Composition (Purdue). Emphasized students’ explorations and understanding of writing in their majors/chosen professions and rhetorical awareness.

ENGL 106: First-Year Composition (Purdue). Prepared students for writing in diverse academic and professional situations.

WRT101: Introductory Writing Workshop (SUNY Stony Brook). Developed and piloted a discourse community and rhetoric-based curriculum that appeared in College Writing and Beyond (Beaufort, 2007).


Miscellaneous Courses

Instructor in Writing, C/Step Program, SUNY Stony Brook. Program for minority and low-income high school students where students were taught academic and professional writing.